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    A local farmer taking a look at a green coffee plantation in Brazil, Olam

    Re-imagining Global Agriculture and Food Systems

    At the heart of agri and ingredient supply chains

    Whether its working with coffee farmers in Africa, growing our almonds in Australia, or developing innovative cocoa and spice ingredients in the USA, we help our customers meet increasing consumer demands for sustainable sourcing and healthy foods.

    Global footprint for reliable supply

    Across 6 continents, our farms, buying teams and processing facilities are based at the heart of production for more secure supply and access to markets.

    Living our purpose

    With our sector facing huge challenges, we aim to re-imagine global agriculture so that it is better for the estimated 5 million farmers in our extended supply chain, their communities and our planet.

    “Our teams are focused on overcoming the complexities facing our customers and their global supply chains. We know this can only be achieved over the long-term by creating value for all stakeholders, aiming to put more back into food and farming systems than is taken out.”

    Sunny Verghese
    Co-Founder and Group CEO

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    Catch up on the latest Olam news and delve more into how we’re driving innovation and change through our blog series.

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    Careers at Olam

    Around the world, we have careers for agronomists, traders, food scientists, sales and marketing professionals, and many others. We are always on the lookout for talented people.

    Find the perfect role

    Hear from our experts

    Q&A with Kennedy Ntoso, Head of Olam Cocoa Sustainability (Ghana) around gender mainstreaming in agriculture and the private sector’s role.

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    Annual Report

    By simplifying our businesses across two distinct and coherent groups, each with a clear vision for profitable and sustainable growth, it sharpens our focus and provides opportunities to capitalise on key market trends, while continuing to leverage the benefits of the Olam Group.

    Read the report

    Our company

    Since our first cashew trade in 1989, we’ve become a global leader in nuts, vegetables, cocoa, spices, coffee and cotton.

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