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    SGX: O32





    Annual Report 2019

    [Olam Annual Report. PDF, 12.2MB]
    • Olam Annual Report - Strategy Download [9.4KB, PDF]
    • Olam Annual Report - Governance Download [1.6MB, PDF]
    • Olam Annual Report - Financial Download [1.5MB, PDF]
    • GRI Report Olam International 2019 Download [1.9MB, PDF]

    Business Performance Update, 14 May 2020

    Business Performance Update
    • Business Performance Update Download [152KB, PDF]

    Olam’s participation in the agri-industry is differentiated by its:?

    • Business model that out-origins competition and creates barriers to entry;
    • Focus on niche commodities and businesses with leadership positions;
    • Adoption of defensible niche strategies in the mainstream commodity categories;
    • Unique Africa footprint and operating capabilities;
    • Ability to provide value-added solutions and services to its customers;
    • Uniquely shaped portfolio with selective and diversified upstream, supply chain, midstream and downstream presence across products and geographies.

    By developing these six points of differentiation even before scaling its businesses, Olam has acquired competitive strengths to execute a growth strategy that will serve to enhance its margins and returns for continuing shareholders.

    Olam’s shareholding structure today reflects the long-term tenor of its strategy with key shareholders being Temasek Holdings (53.6%), Mitsubishi Corporation (17.4%), Kewalram Chanrai Group (7.0%) and the management team (6.3%).?

    Olam Insights

    Read more about how our managers on the ground are focusing on long term growth drivers and developing future-proofed strategies for the Group, while putting sustainability at the heart of our business and instilling Olam’s values and purpose across the 87,600 employees worldwide.
    Two colleagues in Olam's soluble coffee factory managing production through their consoles, Vietnam.

    Olam Investor Presentation

    The Olam Investor Presentation contains all the relevant information for?investors – shareholding structure, governance (Board and risk management), our business model and portfolio, strategic plan and key financials.
    A female outgrower picking rice in Nigeria, Olam.

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