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    Catch up on the latest Olam news and delve more into how we’re driving innovation and change through our blog series.

    Latest on Olam

    18th May, 2020

    Press release

    Olam Cocoa donates food and medical supplies to help farming communities across Africa fight Covid-19
    7th May, 2020

    Press release

    Olam achieves FSC certification for 100% of its natural forest concessions in the Republic of Congo
    20th May, 2020


    25th AGM to be held on 20 May 2020 - Responses to Questions
    14th May, 2020


    Olam Indonesia ramps up COVID-19 support; continues buying from farmers and donates to communities and healthcare workers
    1st May, 2020


    Working together to put children first in C?te d’Ivoire
    22nd Apr, 2020


    Earth Day 2020: A time to reimagine a sustainable future

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