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    Why agriculture needs re-imagining
    Olam’s Vision & Principles

    Our plantation and processing experience, coupled with our?breadth of portfolio and year-round presence working with farmers, means that we are in a strong position to achieve this.

    It is our ambitious mission to drive transformation in our sector, in an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable way. We have defined our Purpose as ‘Re-imagining Global Agriculture and Food Systems’ within the boundary conditions of Growing Responsibly.?

    There are 3 outcomes we intend to achieve through our Purpose:

    What do we mean by Growing Responsibly?


    Conducting our business in an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner has been part of our strategy for many years.?Growing Responsibly?doesn’t just mean protecting the environment and supporting farmers and communities. There are clear commercial factors, such as having a sound business model with strong risk management and governance, so that we protect our investors, shareholders and employees, which in turn means we have a resilient and sustainable business for our farmers, suppliers and customers.


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